Melissa and Doug Jigsaw Puzzles – A Mental Challenge For the Young and Old

For Melissa and Doug jigsaw puzzles, there are too many to list because there are 94 of them. They are made for the young and old to help meet the challenge of a mind that loves a challenge.

For the youngest members of the family, the development of the mind is of the utmost importance. The exploration of the world through puzzles is a great way to learn. With sea life, pets, wild animals, farm animals, vehicles, dinosaurs, and construction equipments – all in sets of four different puzzles packets. These little sets each have 12 wooden pieces with colorful pictures to help a mind enjoy figuring out the problem of where the different pieces go. For easy storage and to help keep all the pieces together, they each come in a wooden crate with an easy slide lid for convenience.

There are also 9-piece puzzles along with 24-piece and 48-piece puzzles. Each is made with a different degree of difficulty so there is always a challenge for the builder. One of the most interesting concepts in puzzles is the Decorate Your Own Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle. This set is supplied with a set of markers, paints, a brush, and stickers to create the image on the 12 pieces of plain wooden puzzle pieces that the child wishes to do. Once it dries, it can be assembled and reassembled just like any other puzzle. If you decide to change the picture just paint over the existing one and a new creation is made.

One thing for sure with the Melissa and Doug jigsaw puzzles is that there will be hours of fun and great family memories when this activity is done together.

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