Mystery Jigsaw Puzzles

In the world of jigsaw puzzles, there are many different puzzle themes to choose from, but one of the newest puzzles types is the Mystery Jigsaw Puzzle. Unlike a normal jigsaw, where you assemble the puzzle pieces to to match the picture on the box, a mystery jigsaw puzzle adds additional challenges. Not only must you assemble the puzzle, but you must do so without knowing what it should look like in advance. And when you’ve finished the puzzle, your job is not complete – you still have to solve a fiendishly difficult murder mystery!

If you enjoy a good mystery, as well as a good puzzle, a mystery jigsaw puzzle can be just the thing to get your creative juices flowing! And once you’ve solved the mystery, you can always mix up the pieces and try again, to give yourself a brand new challenge.

If you think you’re up for the challenge, there are a number of different mystery jigsaw puzzle series available for your puzzling pleasure.

Alphabet Murder Puzzles

With titles such as “A is for Arson”, “B is for Birthday”, and “C is for Chocolate”, these jigsaw puzzles from TDC Games require you to assemble two different 500-piece jigsaw puzzles in order to solve the mystery. One puzzle shows the crime scene before the murder takes place, and the second shows the crime scene after the murder has been committed. In order to make the puzzle even more difficult, the pieces for both puzzles are mixed together in the same box. In addition, the artwork shown on the puzzle box is not the same as the artwork on the puzzles. To solve the murder mystery, you must assemble the two puzzles to reveal the evidence that points the finger at the killer. Can you solve the baffling murder mystery?

Author Classic Mystery Jigsaw Puzzles

This series from BePuzzled features jigsaws inspired by famous mystery writers, including authors such as Sue Grafton, Nelson DeMille, and Carol Higgins Clark. Each puzzle includes a short story written by the author, as well as a jigsaw puzzle that you must assemble to reveal hidden clues necessary to solve the mystery. Beware, the 1,000-piece puzzle is different from the box cover!

Television Tie-In Puzzles

There are a number of mystery jigsaw puzzle series associated with popular television mysteries, including “CSI”, “Law and Order”, “Murder She Wrote”, and “Lost”. These jigsaws feature the characters from the hit TV shows, and your job it to help solve a murder by assembling the jigsaw and finding the cleverly-hidden clues. These types of jigsaws are great fun for fans of the shows.

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